Bee-O-Pac System

The Bee-O-Pac system consists of eight bee-o-pac frames that fit into a standard 6 5/8" honey super.

One box of 24 frames contains 48 halves,

the other one contains 384 lids.

  One half has eight die-cut holes on its sides,

  while the other half has rounded buttons in matching locations.

  One frame - two halves.

  The assembly of the two nearly identical frame halves requires a flat surface and some care.
Both halves should be snapped (latched) together to make one complete frame, but in reality this does not happen.
To finish the assembly, you have to use square nosed pliers or a stapler.
Once the frames are placed in the hive, the seams will be propolised together by the bees.

My personal recommendation: to improve acceptance by bees, you should dip Bee-O-Pac frames in sugar syrup before introducing them to the hive, because Bee-O-Pac frames are NOT pre-waxed. You can also use a brush or a sprayer to apply the syrup.

Some ideas: "Leave one of the frames unattached, that is, in two pieces. When you go to put the hive super together, insert one half of this unattached frame on the far left side of the hive super (with the cassette facing inward) and place the other half on the far right side (with the cassette facing inward). There is, like most situations, a tendency for the bees to ignore the outer frames. By leaving the last frame unattached/unassembled, and by inserting both halves on the far side of the super, I find the bees are more apt to draw that last frame out." Grant Jackson, MO
"Yes the idea works and I have started to recommend it every chance I can. The university of Guelph (ONTARIO CANADA) came up with that idea about a year ago and I used it myself this past season." Andreas Sperlich, B.A. Eng. Geog. Bee O Sphere Technologies

Because the cassettes are not pre-waxed, the combs will be ready in 5-10 days.
The exact time period depends on the strength of the colony, honey flow and the number of supers.
This photo shows a cassette that is in the process of being filled.

To get a much better result you can wax cassettes at home. For this purpose you can use a brush to apply the wax.

Pre-waxed at home cassettes are ready to install in the hive.

After the bees fill the sections,

they are removed from the hive. It is very important that both halves be divided gently to avoid damaging the wax.

The individually filled sections are separated, the lid is installed and the completed package is labeled and market-ready.

Each tray (inside size 2 1/2'' x 3 3/4’’) contains about four ounces of comb honey.

According to the Dadant & Sons company: "Bee-O-Pac system reduces labor up to 75% from hand cut method."
Betterbee statement: "From each completed Super, you will harvest up to 128 four ounce comb honeys. Suggested retail for each comb honey is $3.00. Yes, that is almost $374 per super."

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1. Some changes have been made to improve the quality of Bee-O-Pac within the last two production runs.
2. Many beekeepers have gone into their hives so often that eventually the packages started to come apart causing damage.
3. The button which you will find on each of the frames is also the fill level for the packages. These buttons need to be in contact with each other or you will start to get erratic fill levels.
4. For the NEW version of Bee-O-Pac with locking buttons you don’t have to use pliers.
5. As always, you need a strong hive and good honey flow to get comb honey.

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