Защита пасеки от мародерствующих животных и людей

  Данное устройство защиты пасеки от медведей и других крупных хищников является (по моему мнению) наиболее эффективным устройством, так как отлично срабатывает (реагирует) не только на движение, но и на тепло тела.

Устройство работает от 9-ти вольтовой батареи типа Крона. При его срабатывании издается очень пронзительный звук и начинают мигать два красных светодиода. Уровень звука можно менять. Угол захвата около 90 градусов в радиусе 50 футов. Цена - $49.95

"This is a True Story: One our commercial beekeeping customer put us to this device. He runs bees around the Catskills and was experiencing a lot of bear damage, despite his electric fences. He now has 20 Critter Gitters and his bear problem has stopped."
Betterbee 2008 catalog, p-33

This rainy season the wild flowers around my bee yards are growing unusually high. For example, golden rods and wild asters are up to 6 feet high this summer. This situation led to false alarms of my Critter Gitters on windy days because these devices sensed not only heat but also motion. Therefore, I recommend to maintain open clear space in front of the spot where the Critter Gitter is installed.

Electric Fencing for Apiaries

  "...Since electricity will only travel through a closed circuit, the fence wire, energizer and ground rod are three parts of a circuit waiting to be closed; when a bear touches the wire, it closes the circuit, and electrical current flows through the bear. Consequently, the bear will feel a shock, really rather a sharp jolt of electricity, which strongly discourages him from touching the fence again. Most bears I've witnessed getting shocked cannot put enough distance between themselves and the fence fast enough. The strength of the shock depends on the energizer's voltage and amperage: Voltage, measured in volts (V) or kilovolts (kV), is the force or pressure with which a current flows through the circuit. The higher the voltage, the farther the current can travel through the wire before resistance slows it down; higher voltage also causes a stronger "zap" from the shock. Amperage (amps) measures the magnitude, or strength, of the current flowing through the wire. The higher the amperage, the greater the sensation the current will cause when it enters a body..." (Source:http://www.absc.usgs.gov/research/ brown bears/safety/electric_fencing.htm)

There are tree types of Electric Fence Chargers/Energizers/Controllers: AC powered, DC powered and Solar powered.

  SACO I Fence Charger (10 acres of fence) and

ZAREBA B25LI Low Impendence Electric Fence Controller (25 mile range)

Model SACO-50 charges up to 50 miles of fence under ideal conditions. Voltage: 16000 +/- 20%

  The main component of SACO-I fence charger is "toy-grade" transformer. In most cases copper wire is used in transformers.

Since copper has gone up in price in recent years, usage of thick wire in transformers became expensive. As a result, most transformers for fence charges/controllers use thin wire, which burns out in some short circuit situations. This makes the fence useless.

This charger doesn't even contain a fuse or any overload protection.

  Improved solar panel uses free energy from the sun to provide maximum shock, longer life. No operating costs! Power line convenience with a battery fencer. Charges over 30 miles of fence. The sun's energy charges the fencer by day. A sealed 12 volt rechargeable battery powers the fencer at night. Battery included.

Как защищена моя пасека

  Black bears visited my bee yard many times.
I tried many standard fence chargers/controllers from different catalogs and stores, but they are not very effective against big bears. Most of them contain non commercial grade parts and are not durable. Therefore I cannot rely on these devices any more.

Since 2006, I have mite-resistant ARS Russian bees. I designed two new defense devises, because I think, that my bees are priceless.

  Motion Detector with Radio (radio connected to bulbs!)

  My Homemade High Voltage System contains:

1. Commercial grade High Voltage MOT (Microwave Oven Transformer) - $20 or free (from an old microwave oven);
The Primary winding of MOT is connected to an Inverter. The Secondary winding - to my fence. You can combine two MOTs, if you need higher voltage;
2. 175 (350 Max) Watt DC to AC power Inverter - $30 (you can use 400/800 Watt Inverter, if you need more power. An Inverter has "over load" protection;
3. 12V battery - $30 to $60;
4. Solar Battery Charger.

I think, I designed a very durable and efficient fence charger.

  Схема соединения всех элементов

  Фото соединения тех-же элементов

Инвертер преобразует постоянное напряжение (12 вольт от батареии) в переменное напряжение 110 (220 вольт).
MOT (повышающий трансформатор от микроволновой печи) повышает переменное напряжение 110 (220) вольт в переменное напряжение оkоло 2-х Киловольт.

You have to use a Deep cycle battery.

  Of course, I don't consider this as my trophy. I am not a hunter, and I would never intentionally attempt to kill deer. Also, I did not use any kind of bait to tempt the deer to enter the bee yard.

I posted this picture with the sole purpose of WARNING of the outcomes.

  Unfortunately, this is what happened when a deer passed my External defense line (electric fence #1), and then jumped unto my Internal defense line (electric fence #2). As a result, the fence charger, the light, radio and Critter Gitter were activated. Subsequently, the deer tried to escape from my Internal defense line and accidentally got tangled in the HOT wires.

NOTE: MOTs are very dangerous due to their high output current. Touching the high voltage end will probably result in death, at least in very severe burns. Although the voltage is not very high, it is high enough to jump an air gap and thus makes the 'one hand in the pocket' rule useless.

1. Do not connect MOT to your home 110(220)V outlets!
2. Show the design of your fence charger to a licensed electrician!
3. If you want to make the system less dangerous for yourself and others around you, consider connecting the primary winding of MOT to a motion detector's output (similar to the one shown above). The power to the motion detector is provided by the inverter (once again, not the standard home 110V outlet). Most motion detectors can be set to active only in dark conditions (at night).

  Polycrystalline Solar Panel/Charger - $59.99

Power Rating: Up to 5 Watts
Current: 350 mApps @ 15V
Works in all weather conditions.

Voltmeter shows 22 Volts of Open Voltage.

  Electromagnetic Field Detector (shows 5 Milligauss field strength at 1 inch distance).

1. You have to use rubber gloves for your safety!
2. All types of electric fences (fence Chargers/Energizers/Controllers) are very dangerous for people, especially for kids!

  External defense line #1 - Electric fence
March 17, 2008

  Internal defense line #2 - Electric fence
March 17, 2008

  Wet snow or freezing/heavy rain could damage your charger/controller if charger doesn't contain an overload protection.

March 27, 2008

  There are two different opinions about bacon bait:

1." About every month or two, pieces of bacon should be tied to the wire as bait. The bear will touch this and learn what the fence is. The bear must be trained the same as cows, goats, sheep and horses are, so they know what the fence is. Because an electric fence operates in cycles an animal can be part way through before he is shocked ZAP now he is through and doesn't know what hit him. He must be shocked before his head is between the wires or you have a high risk of failure. Bacon strips are a good idea for any kind of electric fence."    By: Craig Cella. From: Bear Fence Rules (printed in Bee Culture Magazine)

2. "It seems to me that hanging bait on the fence is likely to make the bee yard much more attractive to a curious bear than when no bait is used at all"   By: Ross Conrad. From: Natural Beekeeping

My friend used bacon. Once, a bear visited his bee yard when the battery for his fence charger was dead, and hence, many of his hives were destroyed.
Therefore, I do not use any baits in order to avoid attracting more bears since there is a chance that any electronic device may malfunction.

Protection from small animals

  To protect your hives from mice, voles and shrews you can use mouse-proof Universal Entrance Reducer or Multi-catch mousetrap.

Multi-catch metal mousetrap - $16.99
Controls: mice, voles and shrews.

This multi-catch mousetrap is a galvanized metal trap designed to catch and hold up to 10 mice at the same time.
Operates without the use of harmful chemicals or poisons, making it safe to use around your bee yard.
A spring loaded trap door flips mice into a little chamber.

November 21, 2008
Outside temperature: 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

  This is the Dura-Poly Plastic-catch, solid walled, box trap. It is available in white-ONLY and is being made in Canada. This trap measures 12" x 12" x 32". It has a solid metal galvanized door. This trap will hold the largest raccoon, and would be an excellent raccoon, skunk, woodchuck. Easy to set. Easy removal of the animal. Price: $72.95

  I have a metal catch trap to protect my bee-yard from small animals such as raccoons and skunks. This trap is helpful, especially if you have soft polystyrene hives such as BeeMax. Price: $63

Catch trap at work - May 25, 2008

  This raccoon was released 20 miles away from my bee yard.
I hope he will not return.

May 25, 2008.

  My catch trap is very useful for my bee yard.
In ten days I caught four skunks.
This is the biggest one.

November 04, 2008.

  Spray-Proof Skunk Live Trap - $59.99

This 24in.L x 6in.dia. live trap is perfect for catching skunks because the size prevents them from lifting their tails to spray.

An Idea on Protection Against People

  GPS Hive Locator/Protector
• Operates on 4 AA batteries
• Stays charged up to 90 days (at 10 updates per day)
• Small, compact 3.6 oz. unit
• No external antennas or wires
• Water resistant rugged case
• Location reports via Internet or cellular phone
• Monitor multiple hives remotely with confidence
  "This unit is perfect for monitoring your bee yard, Swinger or loads of bees in transit. Small and easy to use, your hive locator is dependable and on guard no matter how far away you may be. The Hive Locator has a special motion detection feature that can alert you by cell phone if your hives are moved or damaged by vandals, would-be thieves or even wild animals. Set inside our Tracker Frame your unit is undetectable from outside the hive! Monitoring plans start at just $145 per year for 6 months usage plus a one time activation fee of $75.
HT-105 Hive Tracker Unit ship..................$375.00
HT-120 GPS Tracker Frame.....................$ 19.95 " Mann Lake Ltd.

  Branding Iron Kit includes the torch head, handle, valve, 10’ (3.05 m) hose and the propane fitting to attach to your tank. Branding die is sold separately. Cast bronze branding die transfers heat faster than steel so the branding process is faster. Different styles of type and company logos can be reproduced. Standard format is one line of upper case block lettering, 1/2” - 1” (1.27 cm - 2.54 cm) high, maximum length is 6” (15.24 cm). Characters are 3/16” (.48 cm) deep.

"Сейчас посмотрю чья пасека еще не защищена..."

Electric Fencing for Apiaries
Managing bear damage to beehives
Fence Builder

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