Evacuated tubes solar collectors

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  "Evacuated tube heat pipe collectors combine cutting edge performance and efficiency with highly competitive pricing. Evacutated tube collectors use a vacuum space within each tubes borosolicate glass shell to offer unsurpassed efficiency and heat loss protection in any climate. In the event of a tube breaking it can be removed and the entire system will continue to function, ensuring a heating source that will not fail.

There are four unique heat pipe evacuated tube models; the SunMaxx-10 (10 tubes), SunMaxx-20 (20 tubes), SunMaxx-25 (25 tubes), and the SunMaxx-30 (30 tubes). These configurations allow SunMaxx solar collectors to be sized for any solar heating application, including residential, commercial, municipal, agricultural and industrial systems."
From: SunMaxx Solar

SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Vs Major Competitors

  Here are some typical recommendations from manufacturers of solar collectors:
"- Flat Plate Solar Collectors typically cost less from the outset than Evacuated Tubes.
However, the lower performance ratings in many climates, and increased maintenance and replacement costs mean that they are generally less cost-effective than Evacuated Tube Collectors.
-We recommend Flat Plate Solar Collectors to our clients who live in southern climates where freezing is unlikely, and where solar angles, and the amount of sunlight does not justify the increased investment of an Evacuated Tube Solar Collector.
-We recommend Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors for our clients anywhere where cold weather, and possible freezing is a significant factor in the weather."
More details are here: http://solarhotwater.siliconsolar.co...evac-tubes.pdf

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