Sauna (Banya), "powered" by a wood stove

"The wood burning sauna is very special. The crackling fire, a gentler heat, soft steam and the ritual of tending the fire combine to create an exciting atmosphere where the traditional sauna experience becomes living at its best." (Great Saunas Inc.)

I built my sauna in 1999, but it still looks nice.

Insulated window cover

Thanks to proper execution, this insulation did not melt at all!

Visually appealing cider walls.

I chose a triple wall chimney pipe instead of a pipe insulated with asbestos.
In a triple wall chimney pipe, the airflow between the pipes (walls) acts as an insulator.

Because temperature around the pipes is too hot (over 150 degrees Celsius!), the metal heat reflectors were installed to avoid damages to the cider boards. Usually, the temperature in my sauna is over 100 degrees Celsius.

There are no corner moldings, because all cider boards were cut very precisely.

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